Senior project manager & consultant

I help you to successfully turn your visions and ambitions into reality with my knowledge gained in practice over the last 20 years as lead software engineer, product owner, chief technical officer and entrepreneur. These topics present new fascinating challenges for me every day.

I am a tech lover, researcher at heart, vision driven, emphatic with a low ego and i would like to hear from you or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Hire me for positions, services or advice

Technical Project Manager

Ensure the success of your project.

Project planning and execution

Organising and evaluating pitches

Managing team and suppliers
Communicating with all stakeholders
Identifying und solving technical issues
Managing risk and quality

and more

Product Owner

Inspire and motivate cross-functional teams to achieve their best work.

Defining the product vision and strategy
Managing the product backlog

Supporting agile and design thinking methods

Representing all stakeholders

Ensuring product quality
Monitoring and analyzing product performance

and more

Digital Consultant

Helping you, your project or your organisation to make better decisions.

Assessing and improve your digital landscape

Developing and implementing digital transformation plans

Advise on technology strategy, new software, platforms and tools
Identifying and evaluating new technologies and trends to gain a competitive advantage
Provide guidance and support in the development of digital products and services
and more